Grand Theft Auto V Goes 8-Bit in Retro-Themed Video


YouTuber MajamiHiroz has released a new video envisioning Grant Theft Auto V as an old school Commodore 64 title.

Is everything better in 8-bits? It’s a question that most probably wouldn’t even think to ask, but one that YouTube user MajamiHiroz seems hellbent on definitely answering. Case in point, last week he released a video re-imagining Watch_Dogs as an 8-bit Commodore 64 game. Well, it would seem that Mr. Hiroz isn’t one to rest on his laurels because he’s already returned with a new short giving Grand Theft Auto V a similar retro treatment.

Hiroz’s GTAV video clocks in at just under two minutes and was made in the style of a pre-title screen intro sequence showing off a variety of environments and activities ranging from strolling peacefully along the beach to booting open the front door of a business and violently robbing it. In other words, the typical gamut of GTA activities.

All in all, it’s another strong addition to Hiroz’s expanding library of retro-themed videos which already includes Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and L.A. Noire among others. Give this one a watch and let us know your impressions. Does it hit the sweet spot of recreation or is this take wrong turn trying to lead GTA down memory lane.

Source: YouTube

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