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Sony Doesn’t Care About Gravity Rush the Game so It’s Making It a Movie

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Sony really wants to make TV shows and movies based on its games. There are plenty already in the works, including the upcoming The Last of Us HBO adaptation, but the studio is looking to mine even more to the point that it’s making a movie of a game series it’s pretty much abandoned. Deadline is reporting that PlayStation Productions has put into motion a Gravity Rush movie with Anna Mastro (Secret Society of Second Born Royals) set to direct from a script by Emily Jerome (Panopticon).

PlayStation Productions is obviously part of Sony, but that doesn’t actually mean that Sony will produce or distribute it. In fact, there’s no production company attached at the moment, meaning, much like a third game in the series, we may never see this. There were two Gravity Rush games released, and both received high praise from critics and those that played them. However, the franchise was initially launched on the PlayStation Vita, so not many eyes got on it and the sequel didn’t sell as well as Sony had hoped. That makes Gravity Rush a strange property for PlayStation Productions to choose from its stable of games (somewhat similar to the Days Gone movie report), but maybe the studio is hoping a movie will entice fans and create a demand for a third game.

The premise of Gravity Rush could make for a very cool movie. A girl named Kat can control gravity and uses this power to help defend the people of Hekseville from mysterious creatures called Nevi, all while protecting the floating community from gravity storms. That could be quite the recipe for some really mind-bending action sequences as gravity flips and changes while fights and set pieces go on. Mastro doesn’t have a background in this kind of filmmaking, but maybe Sony sees something in her. If she can pull it off, it could be a really cool movie.

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