Green Monster Hires Executives


Green Monster Games hires a President and Senior Vice President.

Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling’s new studio, Green Monster Games, has recruited a President and a Senior Vice President. Brett Close, who has worked at Midway, Electronic Arts and Microsoft as a producer, will take the role of President. Mary Kirchoff will be instated as the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Brand Development. Kirchoff previously worked at Wizards of the Coast where she found author R.A. Salvatore, now Green Monster Game’s creative director. Chaz Sutherland will serve as GMG’s art director.

Schilling expanded on Close’s role as President. “My commitment right now must be on the field helping the Red Sox win another World Championship, and to do that to the best of my ability I need to know that the person in charge possesses the same thoughts, beliefs, integrity, and accountability that I feel I do, and Brett does just that.”

Source: Gamespot

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