GTA V‘s Secret Playable Bigfoot Mode Discovered


This Grand Theft Auto V secret is super buried, and took quite a bit of detective work to discover.

Earlier this week, Rockstar Games rolled out a rather unassuming Grand Theft Auto V update that added the Cryptozoologist achievement/trophy to the game. Essentially, it tasks players with seeking out peyote plants in the game world, which upon ingestion will cause your character to hallucinate as an animal, allowing you to play briefly as said animal, as well as unlocking its use in the game’s movie editor mode.

The thing is, even when all animals are found at the achievement is unlocked, the counter reads 21/22, and offers the cryptic message “You unlocked all animals for use in Director Mode… or did you?” Internet super sleuths have dug and dug and finally found Bigfoot, the secret 22nd animal, by performing a series of events akin to one of the old video gaming urban legends of yore.

To unlock it, you have to play the game on a Tuesday from 5.30-8.30am while the weather is set to foggy on PC (or snow on PS4/Xbox One). If you travel to the co-ordinates -1472.531, 4439.456, 18.862 you can find a special golden peyote plant that will turn you into Sasquatch.

But that’s not all. In order to be able to find the plant, you have to have finished the game’s main story, found all of the other animal peyote plants, and completed the mission The Last One without killing Sasquatch.

Still, if you check all these requirements, you’ll find yourself in control of a fully playable Bigfoot. Check out the video above from YouTuber 2H2K to see it in action.

Source: Eurogamer

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