GTFO, Early Access, 10 Chambers Collective

Developer 10 Chambers Collective has given its chilling cooperative FPS, GTFO, a Steam Early Access launch date, and it’s not too far away. Announced on the developer’s Twitter account, the game will arrive for Early Access Dec. 9 at 12 p.m. PST.

Starting Monday, players will have access to terrifying four-player PvE co-op missions that take place in the game’s underground horror complex. GTFO is planned to be in Early Access for about a year, though there are plenty of post-version 1.0 plans. Throughout GTFO’s time in the program, 10 Chambers will add gear progression, customization, and more challenges, as well as new enemies, environments, and objectives.

10 Chambers listed its plans for Early Access in a recent video and promised to maintain a public roadmap for fans to keep up with. The team says it will use its time to “test and refine” its Rundown game mode. They also explained: “Our ambition is to continue supporting and expanding upon GTFO for a long time, funded by sales of the base game itself, with a possibility of ‘support the developer packs’ with purely cosmetic in-game items. There will be no subscription fee, pay-to-win solutions, or loot boxes.”

The Escapist’s Nick Calandra spoke with studio co-founder Simon Viklund about the game’s recent pre-alpha test and what the team is doing to address community feedback.


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