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GTFO Review in 3 Minutes – Tense & Satisfying Team-Driven Survival


GTFO is a four-player puzzle-solving horror game developed by 10 Chambers. You play as prisoners subjected to repeated dives into an abandoned underground complex from a mysterious person known as the Warden. In the complex, you must solve puzzles, explore, and either avoid or kill humanoid abominations that lurk throughout.

Each run starts with deciding who will take what tools and boons. There are no classes, so every player has access to every weapon and tool. Each tool changes the strategies you can use. For example, the bio scanner can show where enemies are in dark places and beyond doors, allowing for a stealthier approach. It also tags groups of enemies in combat, showing other players where distant hordes are coming from or making targets more visible in low lighting. Mine throwers and turrets grant you better odds of survival when properly used in firefights, and the c-foam launcher can increase the integrity of doors and hold large enemies in place for a time.

Each primary, secondary, and melee weapon has a distinctive visual design and feels different in its ammo capacity, range, and the amount of damage it deals. Each player can equip up to three boons before you start a dive, though two categories of boons also give you penalties such as lowering your melee damage or making hacking more difficult, requiring increased strategizing with your teammates.

Teamwork is the most important factor in survival. With a selection of tools, weapons, and strategies along with the randomized elements of each dive, no one player can dominate or do everything on their own. After playing four hours in early access and three hours in version 1.0, I’m looking forward to diving back in. If tense, team-driven games interest you, GTFO is easy to recommend. GTFO is available now on PC for $39.99 and is currently 25% off.

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