Guardians of Middle-Earth Simply Walks Onto PC

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Guardians of Middle-Earth, the Lord of the Rings-inspired MOBA for consoles, can be preordered for desktops at a 10% discount.

When the Lord of the Rings-inspired Guardians of Middle-Earth first launched, it was intended as a MOBA for console platforms. All told, the game was largely successful at combining hardcore MOBA elements with console control schemes, even if it was a little confused about exactly how powerful Gollum should be. Of course, gamers who preferred to navigate battle arenas with a keyboard and mouse were left in the cold, but publisher Warner Bros. Interactive will finally give them a chance this summer. Guardians of Middle Earth is being ported to PC platforms by developer Zombie Studios, and as an extra bonus, comes with an additional gameplay mode to boot.

Guardians of Middle Earth follows classic MOBA gameplay pretty closely. Players take control of various characters from Lord of the Rings canon, including Gandalf, Bilbo, Elron, or even Sauron himself, and attempts to destroy an opposing enemy base. Each side will have 36 playable characters to choose from, AI soldiers for cannon fodder, and structures that aid your cause while opposing enemies. Player characters will level up multiple times during battle, upgrading their skills and attributes along the way. If you’ve played MOBA’s before, you should be familiar with the basics, although Middle Earth will certainly be more familiar to fans than Dota 2 or League of Legends‘ settings.

The PC version will launch with a new Survival mode, where five guardians face multiple waves of AI enemies. Players will be able to build useful structures to heal themselves or attack enemies, but will also have to watch out for enemy towers that spawn between waves. It sounds like Survival mode won’t just have players mindlessly kill orc armies either; you’ll need to be just as tactically-minded to take down key structures or create crucial choke points.

Guardians of Middle Earth is available for pre-order on Steam, complete with a 10% discount, an optional Mithril Edition, and six DLC bundles.

Source: Joystiq

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