Guardians of the Galaxy Art Showcases Grizzled Rocket and Monstrous Groot


Concept artist Justin Sweet has released concept art from Guardians of the Galaxy showing off early versions of Rocket, Groot, Gamora and more.

Guardians of the Galaxy has been a huge hit for Marvel and Disney, breaking records and demonstrating to moviegoers everywhere that there’s no subject or character to ridiculous for an audience to fall in love with. Case in point, the film’s clear fan favorites have been Groot and Rocket Raccoon; a walking tree and a talking Raccoon. As silly as they are in concept however, they won viewers over with their persistenty hilarious humor.

That in mind, it’s interesting to see how the characters and the film overall were initially envisioned. Concept artist Justin Sweet, for instance, recently released a series of concept art images he created for Guardians of the Galaxy. While some of the images portray the characters relatively as they were seen in the film, others like Rocket and Groot are notably less adorable and more grim looking than the their final versions. Rocket in particular looks older, bulkier and not even remotely like something I can picture Bradley Cooper’s voice coming out of. Groot, likewise, looks more than a tad scarier than he wound up being, though the differences there are arguably less extreme than with Rocket.

I personally also found Sweet’s various takes on Gamora to be interesting and liked how many of them portrayed her to be a bit more on the muscular side. Zoe Saldana was great, of course, but it might have neat to see a Gamora more closely modeled after Sweet’s take. All in all, Sweet’s art serves as interesting look into the development of Guardians and you’d definitely do well to give it a gander if you enjoyed the film.

Source: Filmsketchr

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