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Guild Spotlight: The Twilight Dynasty


Name: Twilight Dynasty (TD)
Play Orientation: PvP (We love PvE, but have chosen a PvP server)
Role Playing: No
Guild Size: Medium (>40) and growing, with a 128 cap
Time Zone: US East Coast Server
Communication: Through our Forums and Ventrilo in-game.
Guild Hall Thread:
Web Site:

I’m speaking to Leonidas, one of the Leaders of the Twilight Dynasty, who answered my questions. here we go:

Who are the Twilight Dynasty?:
We are mainly a PvP guild but will be participating in PvE as well.
Currently we are sporting forty members out of the one hundred twenty eight we plan on capping at.

What is unique about the Twilight Dynasty?
All of our leaders and officers are highly experienced massively multiplayer online gamers, and every single Twilight Dynasty member theorizes, debates and posts their ideas into the forums to amass and be finalized into a powerful, long-lasting guild policy or system. Not only are we active on supporting the guild with better ideas, we always enjoy a good game; whether it be Counter Strike, or Gunz Online, or even another MMO. It doesn’t matter, we’ve been together for months and some of us years. Twilight Dynasty is much more than a guild, it’s a closely knitted group of friends who can actually call themselves a family.

What servers are you gunning on?
We will most definitely be going for a PvP server.

How do you look on interaction with other guilds?
Twilight Dynasty has a distinct feature for communication with everyone else, there will be a rank specifically for those not a member of Twilight Dynasty. If non-guilded players or other guilded members wish to traverse our city, we would label them as Citizens. If our Citizens wish to do business with our guild, they will be directly referred to our High Council, in which they will be dealt with properly (The Torture Room and lots of whips! Jk =P). We plan on interacting plenty with most of the guilds in the server quite often, from friendly to killing on sight.

How is the Twilight Dynasty structured socially (ranks, groups…)?
This is actually a really interesting topic for us as well, because of the fact that our members are currently choosing the best fitting name for some of the ranks at the moment. So far, here is the current ranking system:

Lord > High Councilor > Master > Arbiter > Disciple > Neophyte > Citizen

Rank Duties (Work in progress):
Twilight Dynasty is currently working off a chain-of-command system where each member has direct authority over the one below him/her. Even though this system is in place, it still means the rules must be followed by everyone.

Lord – The overseer of everything and anything that is TD. All Lords handle the major affairs and projects that affect all members.
High Council – The brain of TD; The High Council together make up the powerful theories and organizational aspects and systems.
Master – Once an Arbiter has chosen one particular archetype to specialize in, and have spent the proper amount of time within TD as an Arbiter, that member may be picked out for this junior officer position.
Arbiter – Adepts who have supported others, shown interest, role-modeled, proved loyal, contributed guildwise, raided excellently and shown good attitude will have a high shot at this position.
Disciple – A full fledged member. Whether they have passed the trial phase or earned the spot early, they are still a standard member of TD.
Neophyte – An intern if you will. Recruits who are trying to get in full spots of the guild will have to take this weekly trial to test if they’re worthy enough to be a part of TD.

What is your take on player cities?
Ever since all of the senior members got together to put together TD, the subject of building a city was the foundation for inspiration. Every single member of Twilight Dynasty has no doubt that we will establish a prosperous, thriving city that will be known server-wide. There is talk about it all the time in the forums, there are systems in place to support how we will defend the city and each other when the time comes. Once the beta hits our homes, we will have a much better idea on how to setup our guild structure in tune with how AoC will allow it.

What is your take on in-game taxes and loot distribution
It’s very unique, since not many MMO gamers have encountered this type of system in their guilds, but it is needed. We are not planning on heavily taxing any of our members, but to have a fair plan of guild taxation where there will be a slight increase of tax % as the guildies increase in rank or level, but nothing too drastic. We may put an extremely small tax rate if our allocation of resources is plenty enough. But then again, we will need to see how it all comes into play before anything is set in stone.

On terms of loot distribution, there will be a constantly upgraded guild bank just for needy and new guildies. If there isn’t an item available within the guild bank, our guildies will gladly set up a run for that particular dungeon and get the drop for our guildies.

What excites you most about Age of Conan?
Everyone is always excited about the gory, real-time PvP with all of the sieges and raids and all of the content meshed into one game. Don’t get me wrong, that is very exciting! But there are those other elements that ignite my need to play this game and put every single percent of effort into it. I think that the sole fact that guilds can construct a city to such a customized and in-depth scale astounds my very being. It’s something I always wanted in an MMO, and these guys here at Funcom are making my dream come true.

How are you planning on communicating in-game (raids, sieges etc…)?
We will be integrating Ventrilo into our guild careers. Whenever we log into AoC, we will most definately be on Ventrilo. Even as we are raiding, using voice communication integrated in a militaristic team fashion makes a guild unstoppable in my opinion. We will most definately still be using the AoC chat system as well for different situations to enhance our gameplay.

What are you looking for in a potential member?
I will post a little bit of pieces of the guild charter to answer this question:

We are looking for members who will abide by the Guild rules and be constructive in helping the guild overall. Twilight Dynasty is a creation, an idea that there shouldn’t be any limitations as far as goals and dreams go; that the drive of a group that believes in something a little more than just the standard is within reach. We have no age limit due to the fact maturity is not always based on age. If you are not loyal don’t bother posting an application because we are are looking for dedication in our members. We want our members to look out for the welfare of each other and support one another as one would be generously capable of doing so.

And finally, How to apply?
We have an application set up just for those interested in being a part of the Twilight Dynasty experience; the exact location of the page can be found Here.

A few final words from Leonidas:
I would like to say first of all thank you for allowing me to represent Twilight Dynasty. We really have some great stuff going on here, stuff that I haven’t seen in any of my decade of playing online and MMO games. It must be the experience factor of learning from our past mistakes but I can already tell that with the way this guild is going, all of TD has a lot going on. We welcome any applicants that are interested, and pay our respects to the neighboring guilds that are working and waiting for this game and this one game alone. Once again thank you all for having me and I will see you in the inn!

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