Guitar Hero Recreated Using Christmas Lights


Playing Dragonforce on expert with no mistakes might take some skill, but try making it through this Guitar Hero Christmas light display.

Former Disney special effects guy Ric Turner has created the flashiest version of Guitar Hero yet with a Christmas light display he developed for his house. His display isn’t only for looks, it can actually be played in real time just like Guitar Hero on your television. It also uses one of my favorite Guitar Hero songs, Cliffs of Dover.

According to Ric: “Even expert Guitar Hero players have a hard time with the lights, and nobody has made it through without errors (yet).” The game is set to easy, with only three buttons required, but the timing is a bit different than the actual game. You can follow a television showing the actual game playing on the Wii, but that’s cheating.

As for the technical prowess behind Ric’s display, it was completed using “7 light controllers from Light-O-Rama built from kits to control 21,268 lights and LEDs. Each controller has 16 outputs and 2-3 TTL level control inputs that are used by the game system to fire different programmed light sequences depending on what happens in the game.” It’s definitely one of the most creative Christmas light creations I’ve ever seen, representing every note in Cliffs of Dover with a different sequence of lights and a very cool finish at the very end. I just can’t imagine what people must think that have never played Guitar Hero or Rock Band when they drive by this display.

Source: Make Online via Kotaku

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