Gundam Invades Hearthstone With Custom Card Set


Imgur user Star Colored has produced a 78-piece set of Gundam-themed Hearthstone cards based in the One Year War.

I’m have to confess that I’m not a Hearthstone player. It’s not that I don’t want to give it a try, mind you. It’s just that I already have a butt-ton of games to complete and the last thing I need is to add a title to the mix that, from what I’ve heard, is about as all consuming as the merciless maw of a sarlacc. Add in the fact that I don’t have a huge affinity for card games or Warcraft and it’s just not a game with a lot of inherent draw for me.

You know what does draw me in though? Gundam.

Ever since Cartoon Network debuted Gundam Wing on Toonami, I’ve been a bona fide maniac for all things having to do with the famous franchise and its many offshoots. That being the case, you might understand why a recently released fan-made set of Gundam-themed Hearthstone cards caught my eye. Created by an Imgur user by the name of Star Colored, the custom set was originally released several months ago and was just recently revised and re-released as a compliment of 78 cards.

While the cards draw inspiration from several series, they’re primarily centered around the One Year War that served as the focal point of the original Mobile Suit Gundam cartoon. And yes, they can be used to play unofficial Hearthstone. Granted, as I’m not a fan I can’t attest to how well they actually work in-game, but Star Colored and his opponent seemed to have fun with them in a YouTube video he released showcasing his cards. Check out the video and take a peek at his full Imgur galleries. Even if you’re just a Gundam fan like myself you should still find a few things to make you smile.

Source: Imgur

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