Gygax Family Planning Memorial Statue for D&D Creator


The wife and children of the late Gary Gygax, one of the creators of legendary RPG Dungeons and Dragons, have plans underway to erect a memorial statue of Gygax in his home of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

Gail Gygax, the widow of Dungeons and Dragons co-creator and RPG pioneer Gary Gygax, is hoping to memorialize her husband’s life by erecting a statue of him in a park in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the city the Gygax’s called home.

The statue won’t just be a marker of Gygax’s life, however. Gygax sees it as a symbol of what her husband gave to the world with the games he created. “That is my mission, to get that (statue) as an appreciation for what he gave people throughout the world,” Gygax said. “Through his games, these men and women developed lifelong relationships. His games taught them friendship and respect and teamwork. It was more than a game; it was life.”

Gygax has hired a lawyer to help form a corporation to raise money for the statue. She has a number of fundraising initiatives already underway, including plans to auction off some of her husband’s original manuscripts and other items. Games industry luminaries, Gygax says, have already expressed interest, as well as folks from the film industry.

So what will the statue look like? Gygax says not to worry about it. “It’s something he wanted, and something his fans would want,” she said. “It’s going to be very tasteful.”

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