Hackers Gank The War Z


DDOS attacks have been playing havoc with The War Z‘s servers.

The War Z‘s train wreck has been complicated by hackers, who have taken it upon themselves to kill the zombie apocalypse game’s servers with DDOS attacks. Though the developer has taken steps to solve some of the server problems, not all of its fixes work, and Hammerpoint Interactive has turned to Steam to help it in its hour of need.

The War Z community manager Kewk first alerted gamers to the problem with a forum post: “over the last few days we have been under attack by various forms of malicious attempts to shut down our servers.” Then a series of fixes were attempted, some of which were successful, but not all. Steam users in particular were affected, and Hammerpoint’s best efforts proved fruitless. “We have no alternative to seek help directly from Steam and have requested this from them,” Kewk said. “Unfortunately, they may not get back to us until tomorrow in the afternoon … I apologize, Steam users.”

As you may recall, Steam users upset at how The War Z‘s launch had been mishandled had the option of requesting a refund, and the game is no longer available for sale on Steam. However those who had already bought it on Steam were free to continue playing, if they wished.

Of course, that assumes that the servers are still available. No word yet as to when this zombie game will crawl out of its most recent grave.

Source: The War Z Forum

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