Half-Life 2 Remade in Incredible CGI


It’s a teaser trailer to a trailer for a movie that will never exist, and it’s totally worth a few minutes of your time.

It’s been years since the release of Half-Life 2, but Valve’s sci-fi shooter still manages to excite and inspire gamers. Fan-films based on the game aren’t exactly rare, but even so, animator Marco Spitoni’s short CGI trailer is something pretty special.

Spitoni’s work,I’m the Freeman, is designed to be a trailer to a movie that doesn’t exist, and not just any movie either: the second part of a wholly imaginary Half-Life trilogy. The trailer above isn’t the completed piece though, and Spitoni says that the full thing will have more content and tell a little bit more of the story. Spitoni works for Peter Jackson’s digital effects studio Weta Digital as a previs supervisor, and has put I’m the Freeman together as a labor of love.

As part of the notes on the video, Spitoni said that he won’t be following the games exactly, and has left himself some room for interpretation. He mentions the appearance of the train from Half-Life 1 as an example, saying that it represents the end of the first fictional Half-Life movie, as well as the nightmares that Gordon is having while the G-Man keeps him on ice.

With so much thought and planning having gone into it, it’s kind of a shame that we won’t ever get to see more than a few minutes of this fictional trilogy. Still, it’s much better than nothing.

Source: Nerdcore

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