Half Minute Hero 2 Western Release Confirmed


Fans of speedy RPGs will soon be able to enjoy another slice of Half Minute Hero.

Half Minute Hero is arguably one of the most clever send ups of role-playing games ever made. While it boasted multiple play modes, the game’s centerpiece was a campaign that boiled JRPG mechanics down to their most basic state and then compressed them into miniature role-playing games lasting 30 seconds (sort of) a piece. Put shortly, it was fast-paced, addictive and earned itself a dedicated fanbase hungry for more of its quirky content.

Unfortunately, while a sequel would release in Japan in 2011, it seemed like North American fans were doomed to miss out. Thankfully, it would seem, even when it takes three years, good things do sometimes come to those who wait. Marvelous Entertainment has confirmed that it will be bring Half Minute Hero 2 west.

The confirmation came via Facebook where the publisher posted a blurred out release date. While the exact day is difficult to discern, the month and year are fairly visible and would seem to point to an April 2014 launch. This release date was put out shortly after a trailer showing off an English version of the game.

Marvelous, of course, has previously teased its intention to bring Half Minute Hero 2 to North America. That being the case, the fact that the game has actually been confirmed for a release on our shores is just flat-out exciting. Granted, current reports are pointing to the sequel only receiving a Steam release. That said, when you consider that western fans have been waiting three years for any release, a part of us thinks they’ll just be happy to get the game at all.

Source: Kotaku

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