Halo Star in Contention For Marvel’s Luke Cage

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Mike Colter and Lance Goss rumored contenders for Marvel’s “Hero For Hire”

Marvel Studios’ ambitious Netflix-exclusive plans (four original series following four heroes, culminating in a Defenders team-up event) is well-underway with Daredevil. Now, casting has begun for the remaining heroes, including Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Marvel’s groundbreaking “Hero For Hire,” Luke Cage.

Deadline is reporting that at least two actors are currently topping the list of candidates being sought for Luke Cage: Lance Goss and Mike Colter. Goss is a relative newcomer, best known for his roles in an assortment of Tyler Perry productions including the TV series Meet The Browns. Colter has appeared on The Good Wife and The Following, but may be best known to gamers as Agent Locke, the main character of the Halo: Nightfall original series and a key figure in the upcoming Halo 5.

Created in 1972 by Archie Goodwin and John Romita Sr, Luke Cage (aka “Power Man”) was an unjustly-imprisoned African-American youth from New York who – after being subjected to experimental trials while in prison – gained superhuman strength and bullet-proof skin. In a then-novel twist on superheroics, Cage elected to set himself up as a for-profit problem-solver (“Luke Cage: Hero For Hire”) rather than undertake vigilantism for free. In the comics, he has been the ally of Iron Fist, the husband of Jessica Jones and a key figure of multiple modern iterations of The Avengers.

Source: Deadline Hollywood



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