Hankering for Gnome Burgers? Official World of Warcraft Cookbook is Coming


The official World of Warcraft cookbook brings many of its in-game delicacies to life.

Cooking is a pretty big part of World of Warcraft. One of three “secondary” professions that every character can take, it is not uncommon for players to cook up a storm – especially considering most recipes give your character some sort of a combat buff. If you’ve looked at the in-game recipes like “Beer Blasted Boar Ribs” and “Dragonbreath Chili” and wondered how they would be in the real world, well, wonder no more, as Blizzard has announced an official World of Warcraft cookbook, coming this October.

Check out the sample recipes in the gallery below:

You can pre-purchase the book on Amazon right now for $21.47 for the hardcover edition. Game of Thrones fans will note that it is penned by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the same lady who brought us the official GoT cookbook: a Feast of Ice and Fire.

Source: Blizzard

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