Harley Quinn’s Frozen Parody: “Do You Wanna Kill the Batman?”


Youtuber Michael Smith has been animating a parody of [i]Frozen[/s]’s second-best song – only this one stars Harley Quinn.

It looks like Anna has been working on her cosplay repertoire. In a video posted to Youtube channel ‘The Michael Smith Website,’ Harley Quinn takes over the protagonist role from Disney’s Frozen. With the Joker as her Elsa, Harley sings into the locked cell door: “Do You Wanna Kill the Batman?”

It certainly has some of the homicidal charm “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” was lacking.

It’s a work-in-progress, but the video has achieved a lot of popularity. Here’s hoping the song ends up being animated entirely – or the animator starts slipping Harley into any number of other Disney showstoppers.

Hear the full parody song in its entirety here:

My picks: “I Just Can’t Wait to be Quinn,” from The Lion King. Maybe “Someday My Clown Prince of Crime Will Come” from Snow White? Alright, now I want to hear every possible Batman/Disney musical cross-over. C’mon, people!


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