Harmony of a Hunter: Celebrating 25 Years of Metroid


Harmony of a Hunter, a compilation album celebrating 25 years of Metroid, is just a couple of days away from release.

Mario may be the standard-bearer but there’s no denying that Metroid, which debuted on the NES all the way back in 1986, is one of Nintendo’s most popular and enduring franchises. To mark 25 years of Samus Aran’s bounty-hunting adventures, the community at Shinesparkers has put together Harmony of a Hunter, a compilation album featuring music from every game in the series, interpreted by more than 20 different musicians.

Harmony of a Hunter will include 36 separate tracks covering a wide range of genres, and for hardcore fans who want something to show off to friends, a hi-res cover, jewelcase insert and two separate disc surfaces are all available for download. An original poster by Nate Horsfall of Lightning Arts is also included with the package.

This is obviously a must-have for any Metroid fan and based on the very impressive music in the preview videos, even non-fan game music aficionados might want to check it out. Harmony of a Hunter launches on August 7.

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