Has Factor 5 Closed Its Doors For Good?


Has the Lair and Rogue Squadron developer given up the ghost? Inside sources are apparently saying yes.

Only a handful of hours after Factor 5 was rumored to have made half of its staff redundant, new rumours are saying that the studio has actually closed down.

IGN’s Matt Casamassina has received an e-mail from a currently unnamed source, apparently from within Factor 5. The e-mail reads,

“[Redacted] wanted me to contact you with some late breaking news. We just learned from inside sources that developer Factor 5 has officially closed their doors as of today. That’s some pretty big news considering that those guys have been around for quite a while. It’s definitely a real shame! I hope that this information is helpful to you.”

Nothing is official at the moment, but with Free Radical allegedly ceasing operations and the lay-offs at EA, it looks like gaming might not be as recession proof as some have been saying.

(via Kotaku)

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