Has God of War Creator Given up on Reviews?


Has David Jaffe, father of the mighty Kratos, stopped caring about what reviewers say about his games? Well that depends on who you ask.

God of War creator David Jaffe apparently no longer cares what reviewers say about his games. Speaking in an interview with Official PlayStation Magazine he said: “Don’t get me wrong – a good review makes my night, but I no longer find myself connecting with what a lot of reviewers go for and so it doesn’t matter as much to me anymore.”

However, on his blog Jaffe refutes the idea that he’s given up on reviews, although bizarrely he does it by interpreting his own quote: “To me, this sounds like I DO care about getting good reviews BUT I’m not as vested in proper media reviews as I used to be because I don’t feel I connect as much as I used to to what mainstream game critics like/want/desire. That was all I was saying and I THINK I got that idea across. ”

Jaffe, who is known for having a tumultuous relationship with gaming journalists, seems to imply that the idea that he has given up on reviews is something that was invented the writer of the OPM piece: ” I can’t imagine someone would just make something up and attribute it to me…people don’t do that sort of thing, do they?” The whole situation seems a little weird to me, but I suppose we’ll see which one was right when Jaffe’s new game, rumored to be a new Twisted Metal game, is released.

Source: VG247

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