Having Trouble with the Delta Puzzle in SOMA? We’ve Got the Solution

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SOMA is the next terrifying horror adventure from the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. But sometimes it isn’t the disgusting denizens of an abandoned base that’ll stop you in your tracks — it’s a particularly tricky puzzle.

Later in the game, the player arrives in an empty supply base. To escape, he’ll need to use a console to call-in a floating zeppelin cargo transport. That’s where things get tough. If you’re having problems with this particular part of the game, we’ve got the solution below. Beware, there might be some minor spoilers ahead, but we’ll avoid any story revelations and details.

Delta Zeppelin Puzzle Solution Guide

Delta can be a complicated place. While it isn’t especially huge, there are two locations you need to find; the Landing Platform and the Comm Antenna.

To make finding these two locations easier, enter the Control Room. It’s one of the several buildings in a cluster across the cargo tracks. There’s an Area Map on the computer inside that’ll help make sense of this area.

To escape Delta, follow these step-by-step instructions.

  • 1. Go to the computer console down the ramp at the Landing Platform. Open the ‘Zeppelins’ menu. There are three Zeppelins, but only one works. ‘Zeppelin-049’ is Idle and the ‘Request Transport’ button isn’t working.
  • 2. Go to the Comm Antenna to establish a link with ‘Zeppelin-049’ — on the menu, press Channel ‘5’ and the yellow line should light-up. Move the blue cone, using the arrows, to overlap with the yellow line. The screen should read “Link Establ. 049”.
  • 3. Now the link is active. Return to the Landing Platform console and open the ‘Zeppelins’ menu. Under ‘Zeppelin-049’, press ‘Echo, then press ‘Request Transport’ and the cargo container will land.

That’s the main part of the puzzle complete. After plugging in your OmniTool, you’ll learn that a new chip is required. Chun opens a crate to the left of the OmniTool plug-in.

Grab the shock weapon and use it on the floating robot. Zap him three times and he’ll crash, ejecting his chip. Grab it and plug the new chip in to escape Delta.

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