HBO Bringing Lots Of Sex And Violence To Consoles Everywhere


Sometime soon, wholesome family entertainment like True Blood and Game of Thrones will be streamable to consoles.

Video streaming services like Hulu and Netflix have been expanding from PCs to consoles for a while. One of the major hold-outs, though, has been HBO GO. The service is a subscription-only service that streams content to both computers and mobile devices, but it turns out that HBO is apparently planning to expand onto home consoles.

It turns out that the network discussed plans for expansion via a conference call. According to GameInformer, “Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes confirmed that the popular streaming service would expand its reach from web browsers and mobile devices to connected televisions and game consoles.”

HBO hasn’t been a fan of other streaming services, claiming that license holders are cheapening the content they own by giving it away for free. As a result, HBO Go requires an actual cable subscription in order to access its content (which includes all the movies currently airing on the channel, as well as all the original programming it’s created like Game of Thrones and Rome).

At the moment, no definite schedule or details (like if there’ll be an option for a streaming-only subscription) for the service’s expansion have been revealed. That said, I’d be tempted to spend $16 a month if I could stream shows like True Blood, Carnivale and Carnivale to my consoles whenever I wanted.

Source: GigaOm via GameInformer

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