Healthy UK Man Dies On His Wii Fit


A 25 year old English man has collapsed and died while using Wii Fit.

Scout Leader Tim Eves from Hopton-on-Sea in England was jogging on the spot with Wii Fit when he suddenly slumped over. Despite efforts by his friend and girlfriend to revive him, he was declared dead by the time he had reached the hospital.

His family has been told that the most likely cause of his death was Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS: Also known as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). However, the postmortem has yet to reveal the true cause of death.

SADS is a condition that is linked to approximately 1 in 20 cases of sudden heart failure. There is currently no way of determining exactly what part of the heart failed. Current medical thinking also links it to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, also known as cot death).

Before the pitchforks are wielded by our wonderful tabloid press, it’s worth going over a few details. Tim Eves had been drinking port (20% proof wine?) and ordered a kebab (massive amounts of grease?) after a long flight home from Portugal (deep vein thrombosis?).

It’s always a sad time when someone dies, but you can’t help feeling that the Wii might be taking the brunt of the blame. Would they have preferred him to slump down in his chair and then leap up to run down the stairs for his kebab? Because that always gets me out of breath.

Source: The Daily Telegraph via link from GhostOfSin.

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