Hear Ye! Hear Ye! The Escapist Office Games are About to Begin!


The saga begins! Four contending Escapist teams will duke it out for some highly coveted prizes, namely their own dignity and ultimate bragging rights. Writers, editors, publishers, artists… each will be tested.

Since a winning team doesn’t mean much without the ability to inspire adoration from the masses, this multistage competition won’t just be a battle of brain and brawn. Your vote can tip the scales.

How will you use this power? Do you want to help the underdog make their dreams come true in the clutch? Do you want to crush their dreams and laugh mercilessly at their tragedy?



Susan Arendt aka “The Emcee”

Susan has been deemed “just too damned good at everything” so she has been nice enough to not make the rest of the office compete against her, and rather compete for her approval and the points she hands out.



Team Won is actually a team of losers. We come from the streets, and we know that we have to beat the man at his own game if we are to get ahead. Whether it’s ducking and goosing, or shooting rubber bands at the sun, Team Won knows it will prevail if we stay true to the cause. We are Team Won. We are legion. Never forget.

Greg Tito, Sir Isaac, Lima, Kross, encaen


The Feral Fraggle Foundation For Fastidious Friendliness (6F)

The Feral Fraggle Foundation For Fastidious Friendliness (6F) is a global movement of more than 200 million fraggles and muppets in more than 1150 countries, territories, theaters, streets, caves and hovels who campaign to end grave abuses of Muppet rights and rampant unhappiness.6F’s exists to bring about our vision for every Muppet, fraggle or otherwise, to enjoy all the rights enshrined in the Manipulators’ Accord for Muppet Rights and other international puppet rights standards.

We are independent of any government, political ideology, economic interest, religion or production company and are funded mainly by our membership, trash heaps, gorg produce and doozer construction projects.
MazRoyelle, s0osleepie, WMDogma, Slycne, Trujkin



Team Pony H. Christ

From the five corners of the west came the mightiest warriors known to man. They joined hands and hearts under the name of Pony H. Christ to battle (to the death, if necessary) for what they believe in: dice that roll true, ponies with machine guns, for apple butter to be a recognized food group, something about respect and also, winning. Team Pony H. Christ of Latterneigh Saints is comprised of the Fair Sister Pony, Whimsical Sister Pony, Valiant Brother Pony, Courageous Brother Pony and Honorable Brother Pony. Together they pool all of their resources in the name of the Pony, love, sugar cubes and wuffles. That’s wuffles, not waffles. Although waffles are tasty, so heck, let’s include them too.
ckeymel, Dr Strangelove, Archon, Myan, paulgruberman



The Overdogs

With wits as sharp as a Masamune blade, hearts as bold as Arial Black, and fortune to rival even the most charmed of luckdragons, the Overdogs are born winners ready to do more of the same. And perhaps enslave the earth. When they’re not having their siblings eaten by ginger bread witches, granting fairy wishes, transforming into lupine were-beasts or haggling for golden geese, these completely normal humanoid types like to kick back and inflict doom upon the Earth. DOOM!
Nasrin, Steve Butts, ThyNameIsMud, sprout  


We play to win, you vote to decide. Is the pen truly mightier than the Nerf sword? The definitive answer, coming soon!

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