Hearthstone Goes GameBoy in Demake Mockup

hearthstone demake 4

Fan made images have recreated Hearthstone as an old school Game Boy title.

While there was a time when the GameBoy ruled the world of portable gaming with an iron fist, there’s no denying that its torch has long since been passed on to other successors. That being the case, it’s still nice every one and awhile to reminisce about those awesome days when playing a video game on the bus meant carting around a brick sized hunk of plastic with green tinged graphics. And what better way to remember Nintendo’s market dominating handheld than Hearthstone?

Now I know what you’re thinking. Why on Earth would we look to a modern, PC-centric virtual card game to wax nostalgic over an ancient portable gaming system? The answer, my friends, lies with the folks over at GameBoyDemakes. A blog committed to imagining new titles as they might have looked on the GameBoy, it recently wrapped up a set of nifty images and Gifs recreating the popular free-to-play title as a pixelated black and white handheld title. The end result is fairly impressive and does a great job of maintaining Hearthstone‘s look while still translating it to an older school style of visuals.

Granted, as nice as this demake looks, you can only imagine that actually playing Hearthstone on the GameBoy would be an absolute nightmare. Even so, these are fun to look at and you really do have give its creators some kudos for a job well done.

Source: GameBoyDemakes

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