Heavy Rain Film Rights Optioned Years Ago


Wouldn’t it be great if someone made Heavy Rain into a movie? Turns out that New Line is way ahead of you.

Heavy Rain takes a lot of its cues from movies, so it’s not really a surprise that it’s so cinematic in tone and seems such a good fit for the big screen. This fact apparently hasn’t escaped the notice of New Line Productions, part of Warner Brothers, who optioned the rights to make a film out of the game.

What’s really interesting though is that New Line snapped up the rights in 2006, and renewed them in 2007, meaning that the company held the rights for years before the games release.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that a Heavy Rain movie is in the works – New Line isn’t obligated to exercise its option – the game is apparently selling very well and has received almost universally positive reviews from critics, which may up the chances. I’m quite excited to see how this develops, as Heavy Rain could be a really good movie, which would be a nice break from videogame movies that are mediocre at best.

Source: 1up

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