Heavy Rain Move Support Dated


Quantic Dream’s psychological thriller will include actual motion controls very soon.

Heavy Rain was one of those games that almost felt like it had motion controls, even though it didn’t. Rotate the stick to open the car door, jab the button to punch a guy in the chops – it all felt very gestural, even though there weren’t many gestures involved. It hardly came as a surprise then, when it was confirmed that Heavy Rain was getting Move support at some point this fall.

As it turns out, we won’t have long to wait, because Quantic Dream is releasing a free patch that adds support for the peripheral on September 22nd, just a few days after Move launches. In order to take advantage of the new controls, you’ll have to invest in the main controller, the PlayStation Eye and the sub-controller. If you’ve picked up Move, but you’re not sure about Heavy Rain, you’ll be able to give a Move-compatible demo a try the following week.

While the idea of getting even more immersed in Heavy Rain than you can with a controller sounds pretty appealing, it’s somewhat soured by the knowledge that getting Move support so soon effectively killed off any more DLC past The Taxidermist. Gamers will be able to decide for themselves if the trade was worth it next week.

Source: 1up

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