This week in Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee reviews Hell Pie.

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I usually focus on games that have a bit of buzz around them, but sometimes, like a room believed to contain an angry wasp, it’s the lack of a buzz that can make me slightly more attentive. As was the case with this week’s subject, Hell Pie. I’d heard nothing about it before it popped up on Steam last week and very little subsequent discussion in the wider realms, and I wondered why that should be. It’s not the sort of thing that usually falls into the background noise of Steam indie releases, in that it’s not a survival crafter, an RPG maker game or a visual novel about being an anthropomorphic vixen with a penis who’s also Hitler. No, it’s a 3D collectathon platformer in your classic N64-era Banjo Kazooie sort of mould with the kind of visual variety and interesting easy to learn hard to master platforming mechanics that requires actual fucking effort to make, and it hits all the right notes that made A Hat In Time stand out so well, so why hasn’t it come up in general discourse? And then I played it for a bit and thought “Oh you know what it might be? It might be because it’s completely fucking disgusting. And no one’s talking about it for the same reason people don’t sit at the bar of a tapas restaurant talking about how their menstrual flow has been unusually gelatinous this month.


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