Hello Games Announces New Sci-Fi Adventure No Man’s Sky


Joe Danger developer Hello Games’ latest project is a multiplayer game of exploration and combat in a massive, procedurally-generated universe.

Sean Murray, Managing Director of independent developer Hello Games, announced the latest project from the studio today, No Man’s Sky. The reveal trailer debuted on VGX, showing in-game footage captured in real time of No Man’s Sky gameplay. The trailer shows first-person exploration of a strange alien world, with other celestial bodies visible in the distance. Exploration under water, on land, and flying in the atmosphere and in space are all shown in the trailer. The game will also feature combat, both on the surface of planets and between ships in space.

Murray says, “We wanted to make a game about exploration, and we wanted to make a game that was real. If you can see it, you can walk there, you can explore it. The planet on the horizon is a real place.” No Man’s Sky is a departure in many ways from the studio’s Joe Danger series. The game will be multiplayer, and it will have a persistent, procedurally-generated world. Murray added that every star in the night sky is another solar system to explore, with planets and ecosystems of their own. No release date has been announced.

Hello Games is an independent developer with just a four-person team. Their Joe Danger series takes the best parts of trick racing games and platformers and put squeezes them together into a fun and challenging game. Formerly a PlayStation Network exclusive, Joe Danger made the jump to Xbox Live Arcade in 2011. The sequel, Joe Danger: The Movie appeared on both XBLA and PSN in 2012. Both games were released June 24 for PC through Steam, and version for Mac and Linux are expected in the near future. The PC, Mac, and Linus releases feature extra content and an “Ultra Hard PC Challenge”. Versions for PS Vita are expected in 2014.

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