Here’s What 10,000 League of Legends Games Look Like in 30 Seconds


This awesome video aggregates the movements of 100,000 players over the course of 10,000 League of Legends games.

League of Legends is a pretty complex game, with a highly volatile meta-game and constant patches and additions from the developer. Despite this, the same patterns emerge in every single game, especially when you look at an aggregation of 100,000 players over 10,000 games. The video to the right from our friends at The New York Times does just that, showing us where the majority of players are at various points in a typical League of Legends game.

The results are fascinating. As you can see from the three images below, in the early game, most players are focused around their own lanes (except for of course, the jungler). The mid-game still has a “lane” focus, but there is a lot of action around map objectives, such as the Dragon. Lastly, the late game shows that “mid is king,” as it revolves around most teams vying for a big push down the middle lane to destroy their enemy’s base.

If you’re after more detailed videos, the NY Times also put together aggregations of the movements of each role in the game, including the carry and support, mid-laner, top-laner and the jungler. The 10,000 games reportedly show over six years of cumulative player time, using data gathered from the League of Legends statistic website

If you’ve ever played League of Legends, it’s certainly an interesting series of videos to watch, especially ahead of the World Championship Semifinals that kick off later today.

Source: The New York Times

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