Here’s What Super Smash Bros. Would Look Like With Disney Characters


This gallery highlights just how similar some of Nintendo and Disney’s designs are.

I know some of you are feeling a bit fatigued by all of those “Disney Princesses as X” galleries, so for something a little different, today here’s a gallery of Disney characters as Super Smash Bros. fighters without a single Disney princess. Check it out below:

These images were put together by pixel artist Micheal Villamejor, and really highlight just how similar some of Nintendo’s designs are to Disney. Okay, so maybe Olaf-Kirby is kind of pushing it… but Mario Mickey and Pete Bowser in particular seem almost a little too obvious. Abu as Diddy Kong is probably my personal favorite.

If you’d like to check out the rest of Villamejor’s work (which does contain plenty of Disney Princess mash-ups), you can do so right over here.

Source: Mike V Design via Kotaku

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