Here’s Where To Find All The New Armor in Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City

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Check out all the fancy armors and outfits available in The Ringed City, the second and last add-on for Dark Souls 3, with these images and locations.

Old favorite armor sets return, cut content debuts fresh, and new gear litters the land — there 11 sets of armor available within the deadly borders of The Ringed City, and getting them all can be mighty tricky. Many of these sets are modeled after Dark Souls 2 bosses and baddies — and others range from fanciful to bizarre. Want to wear a locust’s hollowed out head? Well, now you can.

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The Ringed City – All Armor Locations Guide

Lapp’s Set

  • Location: The Dreg Heap Bonfire – To earn this set of heavy armor, you must complete the Lapp questline. To begin, move to the first tree-human encounter to cause a tower to fall. Backtrack to the Harald Knight chapel and cross the tower through the newly-fallen wall like a bridge. Find Lapp in the area ahead.
    • Second Appearance: Earth Peak Ruins Bonfire.
    • Third Appearance: Ringed City Inner Wall Bonfire, on the balcony.
    • Fourth Appearance: Ringed City Streets Bonfire, up the ladder to the left at the swamp entrance, and in a small room.
    • Final Appearance: Ringed City Streets Bonfire, in the catacombs past the crumbling stairs, after escaping from the first encounter with Midir.

Harald Set

  • Location: Dropped by Harald Legion enemies randomly. These enemies appear rarely in the Dreg Heap, but often in the Ringed City. They’re the grotesquely fat, misshapen creatures with chaos roots exposed around their wide stomachs.

Shira’s Set

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Found in a chapel at the top of the large staircase from the swamp. The doors will only open if you complete Shira’s quest.
    • To begin Shira’s quest, talk to her by interacting with the same door described above. Accept the quest to kill Midir.
    • Next, after defeating Slave Knight Gael, find the optional ruins area in the ash wasteland. Defeat Shira, then return to the door. It is now open. Collect the armor set from the corpse inside.

Desert Pyromancer Set

  • Location: Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire – All four pieces are found scattered throughout the poison bog. To make navigation easier, kill the human-tree hybrids to clear the butterfly pilgrims from the sky.

Ringed Knight Set

  • Location: Random drops from Ringed Knights. The Ringed Knights are found throughout The Ringed City, and are distinguished by the burnt hole in their chests

Antiquated Plain Set

  • Location: Ringed City Inner Wall Bonfire – Unlock the shortcut door to ride the elevator down. Inside the elevator shaft, there’s a secret room — step through the doorway mid-lift to find a secret chapel with the Garb and Wrappings.

Black Witch Set

  • Location: Ringed City Inner Wall Bonfire – Fight down to Shira’s door at the top of the long passage of stairs. Reach the nearby bridge that leads into several grassy courtyards. Entering this area will summon Alva, Seeker of the Spurned. Defeat the spirit and collect the set from the corpse where Alva spawns.

Blindfold Mask

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Travel across the bridge, past the first Midir encounter, and enter the catacomb. Go up the spiral stairs from the entrance and the floor will crumble, dropping you into a narrow path. The Moaning Knight will invade. Defeat him to get this mask.

White Preacher Head

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Drop down from the ledge above the swamp to find the head in a small alcove.

Iron Dragonslayer Set

  • Location: Ringed City Streets Bonfire – Dropped by the Dragonslayer Knight (Ornstein) found in the far-opposite corner of the swamps. His arena is a bare corner on the edge of the map, past the Judicator giant.

Ruin Set

  • Location: Mausoleum Lookout Bonfire – Found on a corpse, beneath the bonfire at the start of the Ringed City location.

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