Here’s Where To Find All The Secret Level Exits In Crash Bandicoot 2

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Don’t miss out on hidden levels in Crash Bandicoot 2 — find all five secret exits with these easy locations.

The exit locations haven’t changed in the N. Sane Trilogy, but they can still be tricky to find. We are talking about the early days of the internet here. What makes these secret exits so tricky is that they’re totally invisible. No markers, no shiny lights, no nothin’ — just a random spot of level geometry that takes Crash someplace new.

All five are located in pretty conspicuous spots, despite the secrecy, so you should have no problem finding them all with a few hints and clues in the complete locations guide below.

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Secret Level Exit Locations Guide

There are five secret level exits in Crash Bandicoot 2. Here’s where to find them. All the level exits are unmarked — you’ll instantly teleport when you reach the hidden spot.

To reach the two secret levels, Totally Bear and Totally Fly, you’ll need to discover these secret exits.

  • Air Crash The secret level exit is located at the first jet ski section. Instead of jumping on the jet ski, bounce on the floating crates to reach an unmarked stone platform on the right wall of the map. The Speed Shoes you unlock for defeating Cortex will make this task a lot easier.
  • Bear Down At the very end of the level, after Crash is kicked off the running polar bear, turn around and use the floating circle platforms (that drop into the water) to reach a small island in the pond. Hop on and you’ll ride the secret teleporter.
  • Un-Bearable Once again, this secret exit is only available at the end of the stage. Before leaving through the tunnel, hop across the hole and backtrack to find your tiny polar bear companion. Hop on him to teleport away.
  • Hangin’ Out Dropping down through the second sewer hole, Crash will land in a pool of blue-hued water. Instead of continuing forward, move toward the camera (backward!) to reveal another hidden hole. Drop in and reach the end of one very tricky hanging sequence to reach the secret exit.
  • Diggin’ It At the fork in the path, follow the right path and continue forward until you encounter a poison-spitting plant on a single island to the left of a narrow path. The platform is just big enough for the plant monster, so stomp it and you’ll immediately land on the teleport.

That’s all five secret level exits in Crash 2. There are a few more in Crash 3, so be on the lookout when you tackle the nicest game in the trilogy.

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