Heroes of the Storm Patch Adds Jaina Proudmoore, Winter Veil Skins


Jaina Proudmoore is now playable for those of you lucky enough to be in the Heroes of the Storm Alpha.

Heroes of the Storm has been in closed Alpha for quite a few months now, and those of you lucky enough to have gotten invited have been getting a steady stream of new content to enjoy. Today, that stream continues, with the introduction of Jaina Proudmoore as a new hero, as well as a suite of “Winter Veil” skins for you to throw money at.

Jaina was first revealed at Blizzcon, along with Thrall, The Lost Vikings, and Sylvanas Windrunner. As you would expect, she is a ranged specialist champion, who utilizes frost spells to lock down her opponents. Check her out in action in the trailer above.

The Winter Veil skins include the Reign-deer Mount, Great-father Winter Rehgar, and Winter Veil Jaina. They can be bought separately, or together in a bundle, but are quite pricey. Blizzard stated earlier that it is unlikely that store prices will change before launch.

Blizzard also announced the addition of “Stimpacks” – a consumable item bought in the store that increases your XP and Gold gain for a certain period of time. No pricing information of the Stimpacks has been announced yet, and they are currently unavailable in the store.

For those of you patiently waiting to get in to the game, hold tight! The closed beta is coming in January!

Source: Blizzard

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