Blizzard Entertainment and TeSPA’s “Heroes of the Dorm” is a Heroes of the Storm tournament with an entire college career tuition as the main prize.

If there was any lingering doubt as to whether esports were actual sports, one detail will clear it up – if you’re good enough, it will totally cover your college tuition. Take Blizzard Entertainment, which just announced its new “Heroes of the Dorm” competition. Anyone can now sign up right now for a Heroes of the Storm elimination bracket, automatically unlocking the beta for training purposes. That puts you in the running for over $450,000 in prizes, with the top prize awarding tuition payments for an entire college career. Oh, one more thing: Those tournament finals will be aired on ESPN.

Organized by Blizzard and TeSPA, Heroes of the Dorm will be an elimination bracket between 64 five-player teams. Those teams will be selected via qualifying rounds on March 28-29, in preparation for an official competition starting on April 11. All players of the winning team will be awarded full college tuition, while players in their fourth year can earn up to $25,000 to cover past expenses.

As the tournament progresses, the Heroes of the Dorm website will keep audiences engaged with a fantasy bracket. Visitors can make predictions for how the game will unfold, with top predictions earning anything from a gaming PC to a $10,000 prize. That’s all very impressive for a game that only recently went into closed beta.

So are you a college student who thinks you could win a Heroes of the Storm tournament – and more importantly, balance it around your course finals? If yes, the Heroes of the Dorm website is taking submissions until March 26, 2015. Best of luck!

Source: Heroes of the Dorm

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