Hobbyist Baker Recreates 1980s Horror With Sugar Cookies


Baker and photographer Christine McConnell has earned countless fans with her 1950s fashion sensibilities and unbelievable horror-themed baked goods.

One of the more interesting things in the world is to see the unique ways that people explore their various fandoms. A football fan, for instance, might attend a game the freezing cold wearing nothing but their team’s colors painted onto their bare skin. A Star Wars fan might be inspired to spent months meticulously building a down-to-the-last-detail replica of an Imperial Star Destroyer out of LEGO bricks. Or, if you’re Christine McConnell, you might bake a ton of creepy cakes.

Over the past few years McConnell has built a fanbase on the internet with her photography which has centered around her work as a self-trained (via YouTube) hobbyist baker with an interest in 1950s aesthetics as well the goofy macabre that was the bread and butter of horror films in the 1980s. “I’m very enamored with the style of the 1940s, ’50s, and ’60s,” said McConnell in an interview. “But I love the goofy sense of comedy that came out of the 1980s. So my work is kind of a pretty/spooky combination of those things.”

Her efforts have included photography showcasing sugar-cookie face huggers smothering 1950s homemakers, edible spiders, voodoo cakes and several impressive bits of cosplay. For one photo piece she even went so far as to bake and painted an entire room’s worth of furniture. In other words, you can stop being proud of yourself for that batch of Toll House cookies you throw together every blue moon.

McConnell’s efforts have earned her more 20,000 followers on Instagram, many of whom would undoubtedly love to buy some of her baked goods. That being the case, she has affirmed that she only does this as a hobby and that she “wouldn’t even know how to charge for it.”

Source: BuzzFeed

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