Hololens Dev Kits Are Coming This Month, Cost $3,000


Developers will finally get their hands on Microsoft’s fancy new toy this month.

While all of the big tech players seem to be squabbling over who can make the fanciest VR headset, Microsoft is doing something a little different with its Hololens augmented reality project. We’re not quite sure exactly how it will work, but we should start to get some answers towards the end of this month, as Microsoft has announced the release date of the Hololens dev kit: March 30.

If you’re a budding developer who is interested, you can actually go ahead and pre-order one now but be warned: alongside the astronomical $3,000 price tag, it also comes with a few stipulations: You must be a legitimate developer in the United States or Canada, and you must be a part of the Windows Insider program.

“HoloLens is an amazing Windows 10 device, and the APIs responsible for holographic computing are already available in Windows 10. Starting today, developers will have access to documentation, and to the developer community, that will help them create amazing experiences,” wrote Microsoft.

There are plenty of technical details on the official website for the development edition, which give a bit of detail about how the sorcery behind the device works.

Let’s just hope that when the consumer edition eventually hits the market, it’s a tad less expensive than $3,000…

Source: Microsoft

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