Horizon Call of the Mountain VR gameplay trailer PS5 PSVR 2 PSVR2

Sony has provided the best look yet at PSVR 2 gameplay of Horizon Call of the Mountain in a new trailer at the June 2022 State of Play presentation today.

The trailer starts off with the group of heroes traveling in a boat, until a machine pitches them into the water, which kicks off a sizzle reel of various forms of exploration and combat. The lush world and threatening machine creatures will be very familiar to fans of the first two Horizon games, but the new perspective makes it all seem much larger.

In addition to the glimpse at VR gameplay, the Horizon Call of the Mountain trailer also gives the first hint of the story, which sees you stepping into the shoes of an ill-trusted character named Carja Ryas. Ryas is tasked with climbing a mountain on a quest to uncover why the local machines have become hostile.

Developed by Guerrilla Games and FireSprite, Horizon Call of the Mountain is shaping up as Sony’s flagship exclusive for the PSVR 2 platform, though the game (and platform) is still without a release window.

After the trailer, a brief announcement from Guerrilla Games narrative director Ben McCaw revealed that Horizon Forbidden West has received a major update today, adding New Game +, a new visual mode, and a number of other small but worthwhile gameplay changes.


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