Hot Tub Time Machine 2 Trailer Goes Back to the Future

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This sequel promises more of the time travel hijinx fans of Hot Tub Time Machine love.

If you only see one movie about time travel and hot tubs this year, it should be Hot Tub Time Machine 2. Admittedly, that’s because it’s very likely the only movie about time travel and hot tubs to grace theaters this year (but you still have to give it points for originality). Clark Duke came out on SDCC’s Hall H stage (flanked by a pair of ladies he claimed to have spent his hotel money on) to introduce the sequel’s not-exactly-safe-for-work trailer.

HTTM2 continues the story of our hot tub-loving heroes (though John Cusack has skipped out, replaced by Adam Scott), who have abused their knowledge of the future to bring themselves wealth and power (think Biff Tannen in Back to the Future Part II). But not everything has gone to plan and when they jump back in the hot tub to fix their mistakes, it sends them hurtling into the future instead of the past. Is this all just a modern Back to the Future retelling that replaces the DeLorean with a hot tub? We’ll have to see if there’s a Hot Tub Time Machine 3 that sends them back to the old west to know for sure.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 is set to hit theaters on December 25, making it the perfect movie to avoid family holiday festivities with — and if you enjoyed the previous flick, this one looks to carry on in much the same vein.


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