How Much Money Does Bobby Kotick Make?

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We all know that Bobby Kotick is rich and probably wouldn’t mind being more rich. Just exactly how much money does the Activision CEO make, however?

Seems that these days Activision’s Bobby Kotick is the guy that gamers love to hate the most. He runs a hugely successful corporation that milks franchises dry, he raises game prices, he admits that if he could, he would raise them even more. It’s too easy not to think of this dude as the devil, but, now that we have actual numbers, are you ready to demonize the Activision CEO even more?

GoNintendo decided to look up Kotick’s earnings for 2008 on his Forbes profile, and here we go. The man has an annual salary of around $900,000, but adding in a whopping $5 million bonus plus option awards and other forms of compensation I’m not Forbes-y enough to understand, the grand total comes to $14,950,102.

And this guy says that he would raise game prices even higher. Does he need any more money? My mind says no, but the cold capitalist logic ingrained in my soul says that yes, why not, if I were him, I would want more too, because I’m a greedy pig. And you too, you might hate Bobby Kotick, but really, are you sure there isn’t some modicum of envy at the black and darkened heart of that hate?

As they say, “don’t hate the player, hate the game.”

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