How to Farm an Endless Supply of Crafting Materials in The Division

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The Division

The best weapons in The Division require materials to construct at your Base of Ops crafting table. If you’re hungry to fill your inventory with an renewable supply of crafting materials, the internet has found a way. Learn all about it below.

Crates litter the deserted street of New York City, and it’s up to The Division to clear them out. But, there’s a twist to those treasure boxes. Like Destiny, they respawn and repopulate every time you reload the zone. That’s why this isn’t exactly an exploit or a glitch. This was an intended (we assume so far) feature of the game, and there’s a way to speed up the process ever-so-slightly.

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Crafting Material Farming Guide

Want to craft lots of awesome weapons in the late-game but don’t have enough green, blue, or yellow materials? Here’s how to stock up with an infinite supply.

Don’t forget, materials can be converted to the next higher tier at a 5-1 ratio. 5 green materials convert to 1 blue, and 5 blue materials convert to 1 purple, etc.

That’s why even the lowest tier materials can be useful to collect in bulk.

There are two known methods for farming tons of materials right now. One is slower and can be accomplished with characters of any level. The second requires higher level characters, but can net you materials much, much faster.

Low Level Material Farming Method

Characters of any level can farm for materials this way.

  • 1. From the Base of Operations, travel to the corner of the building with raised parked cars. There are two materials crates here. Collect the stuff.
  • 2. Go to Automatch and connect with friends or randoms to join their Free Roam map.
  • 3. Wait for the loading to complete. Now return to that or any other location to find crates have respawned and can be collected again.
  • 4. Continue to match with friends or random players to collect more.

This trick works anywhere, but the materials will need to be located near the Base of Operations.

High Level Material Farming Method

This method requires higher level characters. Anyone level 17-18 or higher should be able to use this method.

  • 1. Travel to a Dark Zone and fill your Base of Ops inventory with higher level blue or purple gear.
  • 2. Create a new character. Travel to the Base of Ops and collect those high level weapons and armor. The inventory is shared between all characters.
  • 3. Go to the vendor and sell the high level gear to get lots of cash.
  • 4. At the same vendor, you’ll see that low level weapons only cost about 1,000-2,000 credits. The vendor levels up with you, so now you can easily purchase tons of cheap weapons.
  • 5. Purchase everything until your inventory is maxed out. Put the junk weapons in your stash.
  • 6. Switch back to your main character, collect the junk weapons, mark them as junk, and scrap everything for tons of materials. You can collect a cool 60 weapon parts this way.
  • 7. Rinse and repeat. Log onto your starter character, purchase a stack of cheap weapons, stash them, collect with your high level character, and scrap everything.

Don’t forget to convert the green weapon parts to blue, then yellow, and so on to create unstoppable guns at the crafting bench.

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