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Never lose your past in Layers of Fear with every family memento location. Collectible photos are hidden away in difficult to find locations as you explore the strange psyche of our protagonist. Learn how to find all sixteen pictures with the locations guide below.

Why collect photos? We think family mementos might be the key to unlocking one of Layers of Fear’s endings. There are several, and the story subtly changes depending on which you happen to unlock. No one quite knows every variable, but the choices you make and the collectibles you take are a factor.

There are two other types of collectibles in Layers of Fear, and if you’re looking to squeeze more time in this beautiful but terrifying horror game, go on an extended quest to get them all. Check out the Layers of Fear rat drawings locations to grab every gross, unique vermin sketch, or learn about past events with the Layers of Fear whispered words guide.

Family Mementos Collectibles Locations

The unique family mementos appear in the painter’s studio whenever you return at certain intervals in the game. All collectibles are saved to your profile when collected, and carry over between saves.

  • Family Mementos #1: After completing the prologue by removing the cover from the painting in the studio, move through the hallway to the sitting room, then leave and enter a second hallway with a turn. Turn right and check the glass cabinet on your right to find the first memento.
  • Family Mementos #2: Later, you’ll enter a fireplace room with a hanging doll on the wall. Looking at it causes you to fall into a dark area. Find the light switch and face the large painting, wait for the scare to play out, then check on the small table behind the portrait.
  • Family Mementos #3: In Chapter 2, you’ll take stairs up into a creepy attic. Check the wooden floor straight ahead of the stairs.
  • Family Mementos #4: Returning to the fireplace room with the hanging deer trophy above the fire, you’ll leave and stumble as the room is destroyed. Turn around and return to the wrecked fireplace room. Look in this room for a combination code — 729. In this same room, there’s a wall safe. Input the code into the wall safe to get a key. Continue into the hallway, skip the door on the right and enter the door at the end of the hall. Enter the door with the key and look at the base of the bloody chair.
  • Family Mementos #5: Once you reach the dim bedroom to collect a key, you’ll be trapped inside for a time. Near the bed, open the cabinet of the nightstand to find the first memento.
  • Family Mementos #6: In the same room, open the top-left drawer on the work desk to get a second memento in this bedroom.
  • Family Mementos #7: Moving into the room in chapter 3 with the disappearing doors, spin around until a dark hallway opens up. Enter this dark path until a sound plays. Return to the room you started and enter the new door that has appeared. A doll will drop from the ceiling in the closet carrying a key. Grab it, and continue down the dark hall. When you reach the next room, open the locked chest near the corner desk.
  • Family Mementos #8: In the library, find the ladder in the right corner and push it across to the left. Climb up and you’ll find a key in an empty book shelf. Backtrack up the stairs and open the locked door on the left.
  • Family Mementos #9: On chapter 4, you’ll return to the four-way intersection room when it’s completely destroyed, with chalk pointers marking the floor. Turn left here to find a corner with a lamp and a cabinet. Open the second drawer from the top of the cabinet.
  • Family Mementos #10: At the start of chapter 5, you’ll encounter a grandfather clock that lights up and busts out of its casing. Continue down the path until you reach a lit sitting area with a door on the left. Enter that left door, push the chair out of your way, and look in the top-right drawer of the desk.
  • Family Mementos #11: In the very next hall, you’ll encounter the twitching ghost. Ignore it and rush to the candle along the right-wall of the hallway. The memento is there. Be fast or you’ll lose your chance to get this collectible.
  • Family Mementos #12: Past the “Rat”, “Dog”, “Cat” puzzle, you’ll enter a hallway that collapses. Turn around and a bright light will emanate down the hallway. Follow this path and look on the marble table to the left.
  • Family Mementos #13: Pass through a series of glass doors that automatically open to a new ruined room with a circular table missing a leg. Look to the left next to the wrecked couch to get this memento.
  • Family Mementos #14: At the start of chapter 6, leave the studio and take the right path. Look on the back of the second column in the more ornate hall and pull the hidden level down. A secret alcove will appear. Use the small box and enter the code — 906. The box will open and you can get the memento.
  • Family Mementos #15: Moving on to the Ouija Board puzzle room. Use the board and input the code: 363853354. Select yes and the cabinet in this room will swing open, revealing a memento.
  • Family Mementos #16: The final memento is found at the T-section hallway with a window on the left and black sludge blocking the path forward. Turn right, then watch right for an open door it doesn’t look possible to enter because of the black sludge. Push inside and look on the floor to find the last note.

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