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How to Find The Hyakki Yako Spirit Parades in Ghostwire: Tokyo

When in Ghostwire: Tokyo’s spirit-haunted city, you’ll want to stay off the main roads for a while. The highways and big streets in Shibuya are patrolled by something a little more dangerous than run-of-the-mill Outsiders: the Hyakki Yako or “night parade of 100 demons.” Here’s what you need to know about when, why, and how to take on the Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

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Everyone Loves a Parade: Everything to Know About Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire: Tokyo

From near the start of Ghostwire, the main streets and highways of Shibuya are patrolled by big crowds of Outsiders that are wreathed in fog. Those crowds move slowly and can be seen from quite a distance away, which may suggest to the casual observer that you shouldn’t get anywhere near them.

Early in the game, that’s completely accurate. If you draw too close to one of these crowds, the Hyakki Yako, Akito will be drawn into a pocket dimension where you have to face a gauntlet of Outsiders.

Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire Tokyo

The first couple of waves aren’t anything special, but the challenge scales dramatically as you go, until you end up fighting tough enemies like Rage Walkers, Lamentations, or a Shiromuku.

Fortunately, avoiding a Hyakki Yako is easy. You can always see them in the distance well before you have any risk of getting close, and they only appear on highways and main streets. You can easily go through the entirety of Ghostwire’s story without having to take on a Hyakki Yako.

If you do, however, there’s a big reward waiting for you. When you clear out the last enemy in a Hyakki Yako, you reappear in Shibuya where you left it with 3 new spirit clusters nearby. Each one contains roughly 650 spirits, for a total around 1,950. This, in turn, can be transmitted to Ed via the closest pay phone for a big reward in money and experience.

It’s actually possible to “clear out” the Hyakki Yako. If you earn a total of 15,000 spirits, give or take a few, from Hyakki Yako arenas, they will no longer appear in Shibuya and you can safely travel via the highway system. This takes roughly 8 Hyakki Yako encounters.

If you actually want to find a Hyakki Yako in Ghostwire, just wander around on the big streets and highways in Shibuya and you’re sure to run into one sooner or later.

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