How to Find the Secret Old Workshop Area in Bloodborne

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Uncover a secret area linked to Bloodborne’s mysterious third ending with our “Source of the Dream” trophy guide.

Down a deep passage, lucky hunters can discover a path to a very strange location. The locked up, abandoned building gives an inspiration reward upon discovery, along with a mysterious trophy called “Source of the Dream” — considering how important nightmares are to the disconcerting plot of Bloodborne, it’s worth checking out if you’re hungry to soak in more strange lore.

Source of the Dream – Trophy Guide

Warning: Area spoilers ahead!

How to Find the Abandoned Old Workshop

If your Hunter has already activated the Cathedral Ward lamp and unlocked the doors to the Healing Church Workshop, skip to Step 3 for details uncovering this very hard-to-reach area.

  • 1. Starting from Central Yharnam, the Hunter should progress to the Great Bridge, then reach a graveyard called the Tomb of Oedon where you’ll fight Father Gascoigne. Complete the boss to reach the Cathedral Ward lamp.
  • 2. From the Cathedral Ward, travel down to the bottom levels of Old Yharnam and defeat the Blood-Starved Beast, then return to Oedon Chapel (Cathedral Ward lamp) and the locked gate on the right will be open.
  • 3. Ride the elevator up through the open door and fight to the first floor of the Healing Church Workshop tower. Move along the outer balconies to the right of the main entrance and you should see a section of the floor is missing.
  • 4. Drop down, then enter the abandoned interior filled with rickety wooden bridges. Cross the first bridge, then drop down to a second diagonally-placed bridge below on your left. Below that is a platform, again on the left, you’ll need to drop down to.
  • 5. From this platorm, look down to spot double doors on a lonely platform. Line yourself up with the distant doors, give yourself room, and run toward the corner of the platform, jumping off to cross the distance and reach the old workshop entrance.

Enter the old workshop area and you’ll immediately unlock the trophy. Doesn’t this place look surprisingly familiar?

Abandoned Old Workshop Item List

Doll Clothes / Doll Hat / Doll Glove / Doll Skirt

This set of attire looks just like the Plain Doll’s clothes. Male and female characters can wear this set. It skews toward arcane, bolt, and especially fire defense rather than physical.

Old Hunter Bone

This unique tool item requires 15 Arcane skill and consumes 6 Quicksilver bullets per use. For a short time after use, quickstep/roll evade is much faster but does not increase distance.

Small Hair Ornament

Near the Doll attire chest, you’ll find this key item. Return to the Plain Doll in the Hunter’s Dream and give it to her for a reward.

One Third of Umbilical Cord

WARNING: Massive endgame spoilers ahead!

This very unique item is required to unlock the secret third ending to Bloodborne. The Hunter must find three Umbilical Cords.

For a quick overview, here are some umbilical cord locations:

  • 1. The first Umbilical Cord is found in the Old Abandoned Workshop, explained above.
  • 2. Defeat Mergo’s Wet Nurse, found in the Nightmare of Mensis area very late in the game.
  • 3. Find Arianna in the Cathedral Ward’s lower rung. Travel from the Chapel lamp, down the stairs, and enter the alley on the right. Find her red lamp in the left-most corner. Tell her to travel to Oedon Chapel for safety. After defeating Mergo’s Wet Nurse, return to the chapel and kill Arianna’s child in the sewers beneath the chapel.
  • 4. Travel to Byrgenwerth through the Forbidden Woods and defeat Rom, the Vacuous Spider. From the Forbidden Woods village, enter the poison-water cave guarded by giant creatures. There’s a ladder inside leading back up to the 1st Floor Sickroom back entrance. Defeat Iosefka and she’ll drop another third of the Umbilical Cord.

Consume three Umbilical Cords, then speak with Gehrman at the end of the game. He’ll make an offer, “Refuse” it and defeat Gehrman to initiate a battle against the Moon Presence, which unlocks the third ending.

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