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How to Fix Error Code 0x0b4d000d in Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game

It's not the ideal solution, but here's how to fix Error Code 0x0b4d000d in the Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game from Sumo Digital.

Are you ready to step into Leatherface’s suspiciously skin-coloured shoes, but The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game isn’t letting you in? Have you been getting an unhelpful, cryptic error code? If you want to know how to fix error code 0x0b4d000d in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, here’s the answer.

Here’s What The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Game Error Code 0x0b4d000d Means and How to Fix It

If you’re trying to play The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game and are getting error code 0x0b4d00d, it’s server related. There are a couple of potential causes. For one, it’s possible that you were trying to play the game before the servers were activated. Why could that be an issue? Because, as reported by the game’s official Twitter account, Sony digital pre-orders accidentally went live early. 

Also, you may be getting 0x0b4d00d because the servers are busy. At the time of writing, the game’s pretty in demand. I tried playing it via Xbox Cloud Gaming, just out of curiosity, and was informed there’d be a three minute wait time. That’s the first time I’ve ever had to wait.

So what can you do? Unfortunately, nothing. The servers are now up but they’ll likely be feeling the strain for a little while. You can either try again or play a little more Baldur’s Gate 3 and try again later.

So, to fix error code 0x0b4d00d  in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre game, all you can do is keep trying or come back later. Things should hopefully settle down soon and you’ll be able to play without any problems.

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