How to get the Cantare in Warframe

Cantare is Jade’s signature throwing dagger in Warframe, much like Despair that is wielded by the Stalker. Cantare’s blades lodge into the battlefield and return upon reloading. When returning blades strike many enemies, Cantare empowers allies with increased Magazine Capacity.

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How to farm Cantare in Warframe

To get Cantare in Warframe, you will need to play the Ascension game mode that was introduced to Warframe with the Jade Shadows update. During this mode, you can get the blueprint for Cantare, or you can earn Vestigial Motes that can be exchanged directly for the parts and blueprints.

  • New Ascension Game Mode – Brutus (Uranus) Drop Tables: Cantare’s blueprint has a chance to be rewarded from the new Ascension Game Mode on Brutus, Uranus.
  • Ordis’ “Release Vestigial Motes” Store in the Larunda Relay: Cantare’s blueprint can be exchanged for Vestigial Motes via Ordis in the Larunda Relay on Mercury. You can fast travel to Ordis after arriving at the Relay from the Fast Travel menu. Interact with Ordis and select the “Release Vestigial Motes” option. The blueprint will cost 300 Vestigial Motes.
  • In-Game Market: Evensong can be purchased on the in-game Market for Platinum. 

How to get Vestigial Motes

Ascension mission will reward players with 11-13 Vestigial Motes or 16-18 on Steel Path when they finish the mission. You can also find three beacons in the mission to call in a Sister of Parvos toward the end. Defeating the Sister will reward you with 5-7 Vestigial Motes and a chance at a new Arcane, listed below, or 8-10 Motes and a guaranteed Arcane on Steel Path. Sisters of Parvos will also drop Steel Essence in Steel Path Ascension missions. So, you could end up finishing with anywhere up to 20 Vestigial Motes on normal mode or 28 on Steel Path.

The Sister will be Level 75 on Normal mode, and Level 175 on Steel Path mode.

How to build Cantare

Once you have the blueprint, you will need the following resources to build it in the Foundry:

  • 15000 Credits
  • 1600 Ferrite
  • 1400 Circuits
  • 600 Polymer Bundle
  • 4 Argon Crystal

Cantare Stats in Warframe

  • Fire Rare – 3.33
  • Mag Size – 6
  • Reload – 1.2 seconds
  • Accuracy – Very High
  • Punch Through – 1.4 meters
  • Range – 2.6 meters
  • Puncture Damage – 27
  • Slash Damage – 63
  • Total Damage – 90
  • Critical Chance – 18%
  • Critical Multiplier – 2X
  • Status Chance – 22%

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