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How to Heal in System Shock Remake

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The System Shock remake throws plenty of foes at you. You’ll take on mutants, cyborgs, giant corpse-hijacking ED-209 robots, and more. No matter how hard you fight, chances are they’re going to get a few lucky hits in. With those odds, you might be wondering how to heal in the System Shock remake.  

How You Can Heal On-The-Fly in System Shock

There are several ways to heal in the System Shock remake. The most common healing items are Medipatches, which you can buy from vending machines. You can also find them scattered around the levels.

They’ll automatically be loaded into one of your on-screen quickslots, though that does mean you have to switch away from your weapon to use them. Select them, hit the attack button, and you’ll start healing. 

The screen will turn green to indicate that healing is in progress and, at this point, you can switch back to your weapon. You can also use First Aid Kits. They’re not as easy to find, but they do boost your health right away. 

There are also food items like snack bars and drinks. You have to use these from inside your inventory screen. They won’t give you a huge health boost, but they’re better than nothing if you’re one wound away from expiring.

How to Use Surgery Machines and Regeneration Bays

The above items are all portable. But you can also use Surgery Machines and Regeneration Bays. You won’t see Surgery Machines all over the place (though there’s one near where you start the game), but you can use them to return to full health. 

How to Heal in System Shock - An image of a surgery machine

Regeneration Bays are where you respawn if you die. The catch is that you have to reach them and properly activate them before you can use them. By default they’re set to convert people into cyborgs and, SHODAN aside, nobody wants that.

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re low on health, one option is to let yourself get killed and respawn in de-cyberized Regeneration Bay. You won’t have a full health bar but chances are that you’ll be better off than you were before.

Finally, if you’re exploring cyberspace, healing is a simple matter of picking up the green crosses you see floating around. 

And those are all of your options for healing in the System Shock remake. If you’re looking for more tips to make your way through the game, check out our range of guides

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