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How to Make it Through the Sandstorm in the Flesh from Bone Quest in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Flesh from Bone sandstorm damage

Most of the main story quests in Diablo 4 are straightforward and easy to get through. One quest which can be a bit of a pain if you’re not prepared for it and that’s the Flesh from Bone Quest. Here’s how to make it through the sandstorm in Diablo 4’s Flesh from Bone Quest.

Here’s how to Safely get Through the Sandstorm in Flesh from Bone in Diablo 4

As part of Act 3 you’ll need to get through the sandstorm in the Scouring Sands. Meshif will guide you through, but the tricky part is that the sandstorm will deal a ton of constant damage to you as you pass through it.

Before you enter the sandstorm, Meshif warns you to be well stocked up before you continue — this is a warning I immediately regretted ignoring. You’ll want to visit a healer in a town to fully heal up and have all of your potions restocked. Once that’s sorted head back to Meshif and start the quest. He’ll be guiding you through the sandstorm from side to side in a diagonal pattern to reach various points of shelter.

As you walk through the sandstorm you’ll take constant ticks of damage that will take your health down pretty quickly. Keep up with Meshif and use your Healing Potions as you get low. If you’re a class that has any shielding or healing abilities, these will be super helpful in making it all the way through.

If you run out of Healing Potions at any point, you can restore some health by interacting with Meshif’s camel, Isabella, who has Healing Potions in her saddle. Make use of this when you’re able to and you’ll be able to make it through the sandstorm in one piece.

Diablo 4 Flesh from Bone Isabella the healing camel

That’s all there is to getting through the sandstorm in the Flesh from Bone Quest in Diablo 4. If you were caught off guard by this mission, hopefully these tips will get you through easily. For more Diablo 4 tips, check out our other handy guides.

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