Here is everything you need to know about how to make the map larger in Sons of the Forest, zooming in or out with the GPS tracker.

Sons of the Forest is a smash-hit survival horror game from developer Endnight Games. If you’re one of the millions of people that’s picked up a copy and have jumped in, you’ll realize quickly that there are quite a few nuances to the game. One of them is with the GPS tracker that acts as your map in the game. It’s a crucial feature for navigating the sprawling forests and locating key areas and locations. Read on to find out how to make better use of the map in Sons of the Forest and make the map larger.

How to Zoom Your Map Larger on the GPS Tracker in Sons of the Forest

When using your GPS tracker in Sons of the Forest, it’s easy to miss one of the best features available, being able to zoom the map on it in and out. To do so, you’ll simply want to open up your GPS tracker with M and use your middle mouse button (click your scroll wheel). On an Xbox controller, it’s up on the D-pad to bring up the GPS tracker and the view button to toggle between levels of map zoom.

There are five levels of map zoom that you can toggle between on the GPS tracker, with the most zoomed-out giving you the largest and clearest picture of the map and your positioning. This is the setting I’d recommend using the most. Alternatively, if you are heading for an objective on the map, the more zoomed-in versions may be better for pinpointing the area as you get closer to its location.

That’s all there is to know about changing the map size on your GPS tracker to make it larger or smaller in Sons of the Forest. Now you can go zoom out your map and enjoy a much better experience finding your way around the forest!

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